Vanguard believes in keeping things simple—from our “Plain Talk” approach to client communications to our straightforward investment product designs. Of course, simple is not the same as simplistic. Just like our Target Retirement Funds are “outwardly simple, inwardly sophisticated®,” we apply this approach to everything we do, including technology.

Recently, we upgraded the digital experience for clients and consultants. Now when they visit our product pages, they’ll find a more elegant and intuitive website design. Our goal was to provide more information while making it easier and faster to access than ever before.

Vanguard on the move

The new user-friendly pages provide access to product information on any mobile device. As more of our clients and consultants use their tablets and smartphones to access product information, we redesigned our site to present all product information on a single scrolling page with section names displayed in a banner at the top. Sections include Overview/Performance & price/ Fees & cost/Yield & distribution. Meanwhile, you can still hyperlink around, if that’s your preferred mode of web travel.

The new design features access to all available share classes to help you make comparisons and decisions. Through the banner, you can link to commonly used data points that you can see at a glance, including expense ratios, total assets, benchmarks, and year-to-date returns.

Your data, your way

The enhanced pages organize the most relevant data in an uncomplicated, manageable format. In addition, you can easily manage your subscription to Vanguard research and insights.

Historical total return figures with up to ten years of quarterly and annual returns, and cumulative returns are all available for export for more in-depth analysis whenever you need it. You can even analyze product risk and volatility data with measures across 3, 5, and 10-year time frames in a convenient table. The charting capability makes it possible to see key data quickly. Descriptions of methodologies, benchmark names, and glossary terms are now at your fingertips.

Custom reporting tool

In addition, you can access our Custom Investment Reporting tool. This is a significant upgrade. You can use one interface to reach all of the data you want, such as attributions, benchmarks, and allocations. What I really like is that if you save the report and then you come back next quarter, you don’t have to recreate the report. It is not only still there, it’s automatically updated. Plus, you’ll receive an email telling you when the new data is ready. You don’t have to keep clicking back and forth to check.

Vanguard’s commitment to technology

All of this is one more example of Vanguard’s commitment to investing in technology to better serve our most sophisticated clients. But don’t take my word for it, check out the product pages yourself.

As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”