blog_toolkit_01202017It’s hard to find time for TV on a weekend when it seems I’m always being pulled in different directions, with sporting events for my kids, camping with scouts, home repairs, and other activities. That said, some of my favorite go-to TV programs, reserved for those cold Saturdays spent indoors, have been do-it-yourself home improvement shows such as This Old House.

Provincial maybe, but great downtime. I love the way they always seem to have the right tool to efficiently perform the task at hand and quickly deliver the best outcome. The tool is usually on-site or “just out in the contractor’s truck.” And the tool always seems so easy to use, even though I’ve never heard of it before and you won’t find it on my workbench.

As part of your Vanguard team, my group has spent a lot of time creating tools to help make your job easier as a retirement plan sponsor. We started by offering very basic benchmarking and analytics tools, but we’ve also created some of the most sophisticated, easy-to-use tools to help you design and build a great retirement plan for your participants. Below are some of our recommendations.

Vanguard My Plan Manager™. This interactive website provides up-to-date access for plan sponsors to perform daily administrative tasks as well as gain insights into plan metrics, benchmarking, and employee-level data.

 Vanguard’s online benchmarking tool. The personalized benchmarking report allows plan sponsors to compare their plan with others in their industry, providing a clearer context of where their plan stands and helping them make more informed decisions about how their employees are saving for retirement. Reference the tool here.

Vanguard Plan Effectiveness Index™ (VPEI). This proprietary scoring tool provides customized insights to help our plan sponsors gauge and monitor how their employees are both saving and investing within their plan. Find out more here.

I hope you enjoy using some of these handy analytics tools in our plan sponsor toolkit. And please don’t hesitate to reach out and consult with your Vanguard team on the right tool for the job. We’d love to help you build a great “house” for your retirement plan participants.



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