Remember when cell phones were rare? Now, it seems you can’t go anywhere, from the grocery store to a run through the woods, without encountering somebody on a mobile device. And the pace of cell phone upgrades is staggering—it’s hard to keep up.

These rapid technological changes raise the bar for businesses to adapt to the latest advances to better serve their clients. It’s been a multiyear initiative here at Vanguard to not just raise—but to also set—the bar for our recordkeeping clients through our new plan sponsor website, Vanguard My Plan Manager.

Adapting the website for all types of electronic device screens was one solution born out of hundreds of meetings, conferences, and phone calls among Vanguard crew members and plan sponsors about how Vanguard My Plan Manager could add maximum value for our clients. Their feedback has helped us design intuitive website navigation so that multiple, complex tasks can be performed, and relevant resources can quickly be found—all in one place.

Administrative tasks will now be easier, with more features and pages being rolled out in the next release. The major changes our clients will see are the:

  • Service Center, offering automatic plan funding and loan interest rates.
  • Investments page, where plan sponsors can access investment information.
  • Summary page, for accessing standard reports and plan details at a glance.
  • Governance page, housing All-in Fee reports, annual plan reporting, and compliance-testing packages.

Enhancements to some existing features will allow our clients to:

  • Initiate plan-to-plan transfers and corrections for Social Security numbers and mistakes of fact.
  • Share lists with co-workers or Vanguard, and create List Builder filters unique to their company.
  • Search error resolution history for auditing purposes.
  • Add employee information, such as compensation records, hours of service, and source eligibility.
  • Efficiently recover forgotten user names and change their passwords.

Getting set to bid happy retirement to the Bridge

Our clients asked for a website with capabilities such as those mentioned above. And while we’ve heard how excited our plan sponsors are about the new site, I’d like you to hear it from them:

“The new website is very powerful. We are able to report on a full range of data with very little effort.”

 “Comprehensive yet easy to understand and use.”

 “Allows me the flexibility to look up information regarding our members without me having to wait on anyone.”

 “Once it is fully implemented . . . the ability to do custom reporting will be critical for our company.”

The excitement has been contagious internally, too. We’re even planning a retirement party for the old website, Vanguard Plan Sponsor Bridge®, after the new site is fully rolled out. With its attractive webpage layout and colorful design, Vanguard My Plan Manager is ready to pick up where the Bridge left off—and take it into the future.

How often will the new website be evaluated? Frequently. We know that technology will continue to evolve, and we’ll work hard to keep pace with changes that will make the site even better. The success of Vanguard My Plan Manager will continue to be a high priority just as it has been over the course of the last two years, with about 22% of our technology budget devoted to improving the user experience.

Most importantly, we’ll count on client feedback to measure its success. As new functions are needed, our team will ensure the website stays ahead of the technology curve—much like your next generation of retirement plan participants and their smartphones.


  • All investing is subject to risk, including the possible loss of the money you invest.